About Love-Centered Church

PURPOSE (Why we exist): The purpose of the church, according to scripture, is:

WHAT WE BELIEVE (The basis of our faith): The complete Word of God.

MISSION (What Jesus told us to do): Make new followers of Jesus Christ.

VISION (Our goal): To be a Spirit-led, anointed, established, planted, and growing excellent church in this community that is effective at changing lives and bringing spiritual healing to our community. We will have effective strategies in place to promote the spiritual, physical, and economic well-being of God’s people.


Loyalty and commitment to God

Obeying God’s Word.

Valuing every human life

Excellence in ministry


Twelve years after receiving the assignment to plant a church, Pastor Derrick Keys gained the courage to step out on faith and do what God called him to do. He began planting Love-Centered Church and Outreach Ministries.   Realizing that this assignment was far too great for him to manage on his own, Pastor Derrick asked God for guidance and additional support. God gave him eleven names to contact, and on Saturday, January 7, 2012, he met with those individuals at the Inspiration for Greatness Foundation (3844 South Pine Street; Tacoma, WA 90409) to share the vision that God had given him.

At the meeting, Pastor Derrick shared his mission to help bring restoration to the city by winning souls for Christ and by unifying a community of believers who are passionate about God and serving mankind. He also shared that the name God gave him: Love-Centered Church and Outreach Ministries (LCC). These individuals listened, questioned, dialogued, and prayed with Pastor Derrick at the meeting. In the end, they conveyed faith and trust that God gave him the vision and made a commitment to join him in ministry.

An opportunity soon presented itself for the church to begin worshipping at 3501, S. 58th St, Tacoma, WA 98409 (a building that was shared by 3 other churches and that has served as the launching pad for other ministries in Pierce County). LCC’s fist service was held on February 5, 2012 at 9:00AM. After worshiping in this space for approximately 6 months, God told Pastor Derrick in prayer that he was going to give the building (over 9,100 square feet) to Love-Centered Church. Holding on to this promise, Pastor Derrick continued to believe God until the fulfillment of it. On June 2, 2017, Love-Centered Church became the legal owners of the facility, and the ministry continues to grow and thrive because of God’s unfailing grace.


(253) 292-0432

3501 S. 58th St. Tacoma, WA 98409


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